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Our Story

In 2017, the Cors family decided to take a leap of faith. Having five kids, the winters were long in Illinois and their kids missed playing basketball in their backyard. They had bought some land near their family business and Brad had the idea to build a gym there. He thought their family would use it quite often, and would later decide they could rent it out to the community as well. It seemed like Jacksonville could utilize another option for events like birthday parties, family reunions, and sporting events.


The initial construction took around 10 months of building and they began using the space. Cors Arena officially opened in 2019.


The arena contains a regulation sized basketball court with 22’ ceilings, sound system, and 2 bathrooms. As well as a finished party room with a full kitchen, tables for dining, streaming big screen televisions, wifi access, and a living room area. The family has enjoyed using it and it has been a big hit with the community.


In 2021, they expanded with a finished loft area for occasional AirBnB rentals for up to 20 guests. They’ve had guests staying there from across the United States. It’s been a fun journey for their family that loves basketball and get-togethers with their extended family and friends as well as nice outlet for the community.

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